Thomas Long

Photographs by a Pentaxian at heart.

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  • School Conference

    School Conference

  • Violin Lesson

    Violin Lesson

  • State Champions

    State Champions

  • Teachers Day Out

    Teachers Day Out

  • Native Sunflowers

    Native Sunflowers

  • Sledding Downhill

    Sledding Downhill

  • Peer Teaching

    Peer Teaching

  • Hands of a Savant

    Hands of a Savant

  • Peer Teaching

    Peer Teaching

  • Prairie Fire

    Prairie Fire

  • Kristin


  • Portrait of a Painter

    Portrait of a Painter

  • Wagon Full of Kids

    Wagon Full of Kids

  • Field of Grass

    Field of Grass

  • Heading Home From the Store

    Heading Home From the Store